My Little Monkeys!

Here goes!

I always thought blogging was something meant for over achievers (something that I try really hard NOT to be) and horn tooters... (Sorry fellow bloggers, but I changed the errors of my way, right?) I figured if someone wanted to know what me and mine were doing, they'd be close enough to me for me to tell them personally instead of "publishing", "twittering", or "facebooking" it. But, I like to write and don't do enough of it. I also spend a lot of time at the computer. So, I thought I'd marry the two and call it some form of a journal. I have a fair amount of Mommy guilt too for not recording enough about my little people's rapidly passing younger years... so here goes!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Fun Filled Week

This post should really be two, but I'm cramming it into one. My little brother, David, is the drummer in a punk rock band. They played at a local festival, so the family went out to hear him jam.
Here are my mom and dad trying to be rockers. I had to help them get their fingers right (somewhat so) in this one. They both tried to sign 'I love you' instead. They clearly are not your typical punk music followers. They have a hard time with David's choice in music and all the tatts but usually try to grin and bear it.
I love this kid... even with the ugly tattoos. He is a trip to have around and a pretty amazing drummer. He dreams of touring the country but also realizes that that may not happen. So he has a 'real' job too and manages a Verizon Wireless store.

The cousins had a great time watching Uncle Dave. They are his official groupies. We may even get his autograph on this photo sometime. ☺

Oakley plays a mean air guitar. He cracks me up. At one point he leans over to me and has to scream in my ear since the 'music' is sooo loud. He says, "Mom, I can't believe that 4 instruments put together make all this noise!" Pretty insightful!

This is Garen and cousin Elli. For those of you who might remember, Elli had leukemia several years ago. She was on chemo for 2 years but thankfully has been out of treatment and cancer free for 2 years. 3 more to go and she's in the clear!

Oakley, Jake and cousin Luke... who doesn't like to smile for pics. ☺

The Davester himself. He really is pretty great! Part of me wants him to live his dream. The other wants my little brother to stay close to the safety and shelter of home.
Oakley Graduates Pre-School!

Oh, my cute baby! We had a make shift party the evening he graduated. I made some girl friends some cupcakes that day and we used the left overs at the 'party'. No one seemed to care, or notice, that they were pink! ☺

Here's O and O... Owen and Oakley. Owen is one of my great friend's son. It was so nice that they were in school together (along with some Jesstyn and Brandon, a couple other friends from church). It truly helped O, mine that is, adjust to the initial transition of leaving Mommy! It was also great for Mommy when her friends were able to take him back to their house for a post school play date!
This year I've really pondered Oakley's readiness for kinder since he turns 5 just a few weeks before kinder starts. I've prayed, I've talked it over with friends and I talked to the pediatrician. The bottom line is, he's going, and I feel great about it! It's what he needs and I know he will love being at school with his brothers. I say I feel great about it now, but ask me about my broken heart come the first week of school!

This little guy is a hoot. He's smart, and funny, and he's also sassy with a disobedient streak. He has such a spunky personality, but at times, he is super timid. He does not like it one bit, when there is a 'show' to put on... he was nervous to stand in front of everyone and sing, and nor did he want to stop traffic for this picture.
I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks with him at home before the big boys are out of school. I'm trying to spend some good one-on-one time with him before I have to share my time with big brothers. I am so thankful for this little angel that Heavenly Father has placed in my life! I can't imagine going through this life without the joy of motherhood!