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I always thought blogging was something meant for over achievers (something that I try really hard NOT to be) and horn tooters... (Sorry fellow bloggers, but I changed the errors of my way, right?) I figured if someone wanted to know what me and mine were doing, they'd be close enough to me for me to tell them personally instead of "publishing", "twittering", or "facebooking" it. But, I like to write and don't do enough of it. I also spend a lot of time at the computer. So, I thought I'd marry the two and call it some form of a journal. I have a fair amount of Mommy guilt too for not recording enough about my little people's rapidly passing younger years... so here goes!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve!

UGH! Why do I repeatedly forget to upload my pictures in reverse order. This is the "after" shot. We give the kids new pj's and a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve and watch it together. This year they got Elf... Seriously, that movie is hysterical. I laught out loud in every scene. (Also please note the lamp by Jakes' head. It is a "Leg Lamp" which will remind most of you of another oh-so-funny Christmas movie, A Christmas Story. Jared's co-worker got it for him this year as a gift. "Yay" :/ The kids haven't seen that one... not for a few years.)

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